What products do you use to remove roof stains?

The environmentally friendly Roof Shampoo® products are proprietary and only available to authorized Roof Shampoo® Contractors. 

Will the process harm my plantings around my home?

No. Our products will not harm any vegetation or surfaces around your home. We do NOT need to cover your vegetation or recapture water because our product is completely safe and will not damage your grass, plants, shrubs or trees. If a roof cleaning contracter tells you that they need to cover the vegetation around your home, be warned that they only do that if the chemicals they are using are toxic to the plants. Many of these companies use bleach. They may tell you it's "Sodium Hypochlorite," but that is just the chemical name for bleach. Roof Shampoo® does NOT contain bleach.

Do you use high pressure powerwashing on the roof?

NEVER!  High pressure powerwashing can be very damaging to the shingles. Plus, it’s simply not an effective way to remove algae stains from roofs. All of our roof cleaning equipment is specially calibrated at a very low pressure to ensure a safe and effective washing away of the stains that are released by the Roof Shampoo® products.

How long will the stains stay off my roof once my roof has been cleaned using the Roof Shampoo® system?

When Roof Shampoo® technicians finish cleaning your roof, it will be as clean as a new roof. Since it’s impossible to tell how long it will take for a new roof to get stained again, the same holds true for a roof cleaned using the Roof Shampoo® system. However, many Roof Shampoo® contractors give their customers a written warranty against any roof staining for a period of one year. That gives you a guarantee that the roof is completely, squeaky clean and no remnants of the stains are left behind.

What about the do-it-yourself products?

These products can cause many problems. Many of them are toxic to the vegetation surrounding your home. Plus, they are largely ineffective in the long term, as well as the short term as far as roof stain removal goes. Also, whenever homeowners climb up on their roof, they put themselves at risk of slipping and falling. Roof cleaning is serious business and it’s always best to rely on the professionals.

Can't I just use bleach on my shingles?

Be very, very careful here. Many homeowners and contractors alike have tried to use bleach or pool chlorine to remove the dark roof staining caused by algae. The results can be disastrous. First of all bleach and pool chlorine are dangerous chemicals that can damage vegetation, dry out your shingles, and corrode roof fixtures such as flashing, underlayments, valleys, and boots. Any results that the homeowner sees are often just temporary and the staining is back within a few short months because the bleach merely addresses the surface algae and not the root system underneath the granules. 

What if I just leave the algae stains on the roof?

Algae is a living, growing organism and as such, will continue to grow. Left untreated, in time it can cover your entire roof.  A roof covered in algae absorbs heat and results in a superheated attic, raising your cooling costs. In addition, since algae feeds off the organic material in your shingles, left untreated, your roof may require costly, premature replacement. Why allow that to happened when you can have your roof professionally cleaned and restored to its original, natural color for a fraction of roof replacement costs?

Why should I choose a Roof Shampoo® contractor over another local contractor?

The Roof Shampoo® roof cleaning process is safe and effective. Thousands of roofs have been safely cleaned using the Roof Shampoo® products and system. Do your homework before hiring anyone to do work around your home. When it comes to roof cleaning, it's wise to choose a company that is using a safe and effective method that has been performed on thousands of roofs on homes and businesses - choose a Roof Shampoo® contractor.