Many Spokane residences have gutters loaded with debris.  Leaves, needles, sticks and dirt can weigh down your gutter system causing damage to the gutters and connected facia, call us today for a  professional gutter cleaning solutions.

Gutter Maintenance is Important!

Gutters are a pivotal part to water management. When they’re working as they should, they channel rainwater away from your home. This protects your structure from water damage and safeguards your landscaping.

But when gutters are clogged, your home is exposed to risk every time the forecast calls for bad weather. Customers who neglect to schedule regular gutter cleaning deal with issues that include:

●      Foundation damage

●      Water damage to your windows, roof lining, and siding

●      Landscaping erosion

●      Mosquito, mold, or mildew infestation from standing water in clogged gutters

Spokane's’s Gutter Cleaning Experts

Our gutter cleaning service helps your system run well during rainy days, so you don’t have to deal with flooding, foundational water damage, or landscaping issues. Each service includes:

●      Preparation

We remove outdoor furniture, lawn ornaments, or any other elements that might get in the way during our service. Next, we carefully situate our ladders using stand-offs, so your gutter face won’t get damaged in the cleaning process.

●      Debris Removal

Our team meticulously removes leaves, sticks, twigs, and other buildup from your gutters. We use cleaners that are formulated to kill mold, mildew, and bacterial growth that could lead to infestation issues down the road.

●      Clog Testing

We inspect the entire gutter system and focus on downspouts to ensure that water flows smoothly and can travel uninterrupted to the ground level. If we discover a clog, we fix it promptly.

Add Ons:

♦   Gutter Whitening

We use a pressure washer to get the accumulated dirt (from months of being exposed to the outside elements) washed off to get the exterior of the gutters looking clean

Expert Service and Results You Can Count On

 ●      Top quality cleaners that are designed to remove stains, dislodge buildup, and kill mold and bacterial growth

●      Committed safety practices that protect your home, landscaping, and our technicians

●      Licensed, bonded and insured technicians who are seriously committed to superior service

●      Honest service that always gets you the solution you need, when you need it

●      Environmental responsibility with cleaners, practices, and methods that go easy on our planet and the place you call home


Gutter Cleaning: An Investment that Pays Off

 When they’re well maintained, gutters are a major asset to your property. But if they aren’t cared for, they have the opposite effect. Take it from clients who put the service off for too long: It isn’t worth it. Uncleaned gutters face issues like rodent and mosquito infestation, mold issues, property flooding, and landscaping damage.

Luckily, it’s easy (and inexpensive) to prevent these issues from costing you thousands down the road. Our gutter cleaning service protects your entire property… Today and every day.

Mr. Chimney is proud to keep our Spokane neighbors safe from rainy weather. When the forecast looks grey, know that your home is protected with the help of our professional gutter cleaning service!

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